Juan Carlos Afonso (Ph.D., Ottawa)
Geophysics - Geodynamics

Complete address and e-mail
GEMOC ARC National Key Centre
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences,
Macquarie University, North Ryde, NSW 2109,
Building E7A, Sydney, Australia.
TE: + 61 (0)2 9850 8298
FAX: + 61 (0)2 9850 6904

e-mail: juan.afonso@mq.edu.au


How do you like the "shape" of the Earth?????

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Research interests:

My research interests lie in the fields of geophysics and geodynamics, and span many different geophysical and geological processes. My current research integrates different disciplines such as mineral physics, petrology, geodynamics, lithospheric modelling, nonlinear inversion, and physics of the mantle in general, to explore and improve our understanding of plate tectonics. More specifically, I am interested in the evolution of the lithospheric mantle, the mechanical and geochemical interactions between tectonic plates and the sublithospheric mantle, and their effects on small and large-scale tectonic processes. I currently employ a multidisciplinary approach that gives insights into lithospheric stability, thermal structure, possible compositional fields, and sublithospheric small-scale convection. For this, I combine mineral physics, fluid dynamics, thermal modelling, potential field modelling, petrology and geochemistry of the mantle, seismological modelling, and inversion techniques. I am also working on global lithospheric models and on the development of 2D and 3D computational codes for dynamic and static modelling of the upper mantle. Check the SOFTWARE tab!

PhD Projects and Post-doctoral positions available!!!!!!!


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Video of the month:

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 this month,  one of the best songs ever written ...


... "Born on the Bayou"

performed by CCR


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Some hobbies...

I enjoy very much playing drums and guitar (also singing in the shower)...

Brewing beer at home while listening to good '70 and '80 music...   



and some pictures...

Resting with friends after a big lunch in Ottawa

The perfect Patagonian "asado"

Typical sunset in my hometown (Patagonia)

Another perfect asado...

Typical "endless" road in Patagonia

  Christmas time in Ottawa

Sweet Venezia (Pzza. San Marco)

A pilgrim in Compostela Santiago de  

Beautiful Edinburgh

   The "unbearable" winter in Sydney...

    If you ever go to Kiel, you must try the beer from Kieler brewery

Maple taffees on a "nice" day in Montreal

    The only fortified city in North America...

Is Sergio (Zlotnik) aiming at the cue ball?...where is it???...

Christian (Heine) enjoying Barcelona...

Only a few will understand this...(shame on Microsoft)

     Carleton's Earth Sciences Department (Christmas party 2006)

The beautiful Queen Ceclila...

...and the "sleeping beauty"...(Franco)

it's not Russell Crowe in the pic...


 at least I'm not pretending to support it...

Thinking hard about the future of geophysics...

Thinking even harder about the future of geophysics...

...just about to enjoy my pint of Guinness...

...dinner with the usual suspects...

Looking for "Nessie"...and enjoying some Scotch

In the middle of Hadrian's wall...

"Skippy" in my backyard...

Thanks to S. Geier for the nice background picture