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Professor Simon George

BSc (Hons) (St Andrews, Scotland); PhD (Newcastle upon Tyne, England)

Prof Simon George
Organic Geochemist

Contact Details

Location: Office, Rm 519, building E7A, Macquarie University

Organic Geochemistry lab, Rm 340/344, building E7B

Phone: + 61 2 9850 4424

Fax: + 61 2 9850 6904


Professor Bill Griffin

Simon George is leader of the organic geochemistry group at the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

I have more than 20 years experience in organic geochemistry, including 15 years specialising in petroleum geochemistry at CSIRO. Organic geochemistry involves the study of the chemical and isotopic signatures in rocks and sediments, which tell us information about the past. We can reconstruct the nature and timing of important events in the evolution of life. Biomarkers are hydrocarbons that retain the structural information from the original lipids from which they were derived. Biomarkers and other hydrocarbons in oils, rocks and sediments provide us the ability to understand source inputs, subsequent burial and heating history (thermal maturity) and alteration events (such as oil biodegradation). The chemistry of insoluble fractions of organic matter, such as kerogen and asphaltenes, provides further useful information.

The 'Research' link below leads to a page with a description of some of my research projects and ideas.

The 'Facilities' link below leads to information about the organic geochemical laboratory at Macquarie University, and to information about the nearby CSIRO Petroleum laboratory which I continue to work in.

The 'Students and Postdocs' below above leads to information about my students, and to information for those possibly interested in coming to Macquarie University to carry out research with me.

Teaching responsibilities:

GEOS112: The Planet Earth. Biosphere module, tutor.

GEOS125: Earth Dynamics. Some lectures, fieldwork.

GEOS126: Marine Geoscience. Some lectures, fieldwork.

GEOS204: Life, the Universe and Everything. Convenor, most lectures and practicals.

GEOS226: Introduction to Field Geology. Convenor, teach on Keepit fieldtrip.

GEOS206: Marine Depositional Environments. Some lectures, teach on South Coast of NSW fieldtrip.

GEOS309: Liquid Fuels and Energy Security. Convenor, most lectures and practicals..

Genes to Geoscience, Postgraduate modules: Where biology, geology and chemistry meet: Frontiers in Biogeochemistry; What's In Stuff? (with Damian Gore); Geosphere-Biosphere Interactions (With Matthew Kosnick and Craig O’Neill).

GEOS811: Field Techniques in Geoscience

GEOS710: The Organic Geochemistry of Sedimentary Rocks, Oils and Gases. New Masters of Research unit


Conference that I chaired recently:

Australian Organic Geochemistry Conference: Macquarie University, 2-5th December 2012




Students and PostDocs



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